Unikalus vaizdas

Unikalaus vaizdas byr på håndlagde lyshus i keramikk, aromaoljer, røkelser, stearinlys og figurer.

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  • Unikalus vaizdas
  • Unikalus vaizdas
  • Unikalus vaizdas
  • Unikalus vaizdas

Unikalus vaizdas

På Bergen Julemarked treffer du også internasjonale utstillere. Unikalus vaizdas er en populær utstiller i Skottland, England, Tyskland, Italia, Sveits og Japan med sine håndlagede keramiske lyshus, aromaoljer, stearinlys, røkelser og figurer. Nå treffer du de på Bergen Julemarked.

Hand made ceramic candle houses
Aroma oils

We have been in the market of ceramic items since 1994. The main activity of our company is the production of hand-made candlehouses in more than 800 different shapes, the size of which varies from 3cm to 120cm. Besides the candle houses we are making other items and authorized items made of shamote (stone product).

All items in the company are done by hand. That is why each item is unique, has its own spirit and radiates the creators love and hand warmth.The quality and the originality of the product are in the centre of our attention. Our designers are constantly renovating the assortiment. Also we attach special vessels for aroma oils, which when heated by the candle light gives out a pleasant smell.

Our candle houses make a perfect present for the house-warming party, a newly married couple or the one leaving parents home. Lithuanian red clay is our production material. All material used in the production correspond to European quality standards.

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